Mission Patch

→ Outpost 42 crew

The crew of Avamposto42 that bring you the daily updates from space and the Futura mission:
Marcello Cappelletti, ESA Portal Web Master, EJR-Quartz for ESA

Marcello Cappelletti is the ESA portal webmaster working at EJR-Quartz for ESA. After graduating in Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Pavia, Italy, he followed a master’s degree in Science and Technology of Media at the University of Tunis. In addition to his passion for the web he is devoted to design, illustrations and especially comics.

Dr. Filippo Ongaro

Dr Filippo Ongaro is an expert in anti-aging medicine and a journalist. He worked as a physician for astronauts from 2000 to 2007 at the European Astronaut Centre. In addition to performing clinical activities, he is responsible for dissemination of information on these topics and he cooperates with ESA. Healthy eating, exercise and relaxation techniques are some of his tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Chiara Forin

Chiara Forin is a content manager for ESA. When not spending hours in a kitchen, you can find her in a bookshop leafing through a new edition of Ubik.

Antonio Pilello

Antonio Pilello is a science writer and Communications Officer for Argotec.

Stefano Polato

Stefano Polato is a chef and responsible for space food Argotec.

Stefano Sandrelli

Stefano Sandrelli is an astrophysicist working at the Italian National Institute of Astrophysics, INAF. A writer and a journalist he has been collaborating with ESA since 1999. He has two small children, Anna and Luca, who seem to grow faster than ever.

Agnese Cerroni

Agnese Cerroni is a web content editor at Italian space agency ASI.

Marco Valentini

Marco Valentini is an Art Director at DigitasLBi for ESA. He specialises in web graphics with a passion for photography, photo editing and technology.

Tom Uhlig works as Columbus Flight Director at the DLR center in Oberpfaffenhofen/Germany. The active participation as Flight Controller in the STS-122 space shuttle mission for the installation of the European Module he considers as one of the best things he has done so far.”