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→ Outpost 42

The answer to the “fundamental question of Life, the Universe and Everything” is 42, as revealed by  the super computer ‘Deep Thought’ after thinking about it for seven and a half million years. As fans of the humorous science-fiction novel by Douglas Adams “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”  will know, it is not clear what the question is.

But this is of little importance: when I heard I was a member of Expedition 42 on the International Space Station, besides being overjoyed for the assignment I found it I was complacent about this funny coincidence.

In the following months, as European astronauts often do, I chose a theme dear to me to be further explored in the communication activities of the mission: nutrition. I wanted to talk about this because personally just by acquiring some basic knowledge and tips on the interaction between food and our body has had a very positive effect in terms of health and well-being.

I wish that more  people possess the basic knowledge needed to make informed decisions on nutrition, making it possible to enjoy life to the full and longer. At the same time my wish is that more people knew about the challenge of space exploration, a fascinating collective journey of humanity to expand the possibilities of our species.

These two worlds meet on Outpost 42. Our aim is to inform our public, with rigor, certainly, but always with humor and an amused look on things. It is much simpler than it looks. In the words of the Guide to the Galaxy: Do not Panic!

Samantha Cristoforetti