No training is usually scheduled on the weekend. Time to rest, of course, but also an occasion to workout with no rush and to catch up. Star City in summer is a great place to go running or biking outside, since we’re pretty much surrounded by trees and little lakes. But for the moment the day is quite cold and humid. I’ll see if it gets better in the afternoon and in the meantime I’ll work to reorganize my notes from this week’s sims on the Soyuz procedure books (in the pic). As we go through the Soyuz sims, we all add notes and reminders and we try to highlight actions that are especially important and/or easy to miss. I’m the only ESA astronaut here this month, so I have hijacked the big table in the ESA office. The bulk of the Soyuz training we do is on the reentry book. In the end, coming back safely from space comes down to one thing: whatever happens, do whatever it takes to give the necessary braking burn. That means: at the right time, with the proper orientation and with the required impulse. If you don’t do that, who knows when and where you’re going to land! #SamLogbook